Welcome to HighCross Farm!


    Hello!  I am a ram lamb from the MacEwan flock.

We critters here at HighCross Farm welcome you to this site

and hope you will get acquainted with our shepherds, Steve and Kath Vogelmann,

and all they have to offer. 

They sell soft wool to keep you warm,

and naturally raised food to keep you healthy.

"He tends His flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in His arms 

and carries them close to His heart."  Isaiah 40:11


We offer premium quality naturally grown produce 

delivered to the greater Milwaukee area and SE Wisconsin.

Grown without chemical pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Clean, fresh, wholesome, beautiful!


Enrollments for the 2015 Summer CSA Share season are still open.

See the CSA 2015 page.


In addition to your weekly share, you may order

 additional farm fresh wholesome products

 to add on to your CSA share,

available through our online web store.

Farm Fresh Eggs

Raw Honey

LaClare Farms Premium Goat Cheese

Raspberry and Strawberry Freezer Jam

Raspberry Wine Vinegar

Purple Basil Wine Vinegar

Herbal Tea Blends


Fresh Sauerkraut

Bulk veggie orders 




Vine-ripe strawberries at HighCross Farm

 HighCross Farm offers management and intern employment in all areas of our operation  

including greenhouse, planting, crop maintenance, harvesting, and washing/packing operations.  

Experience in gardening, farming, and/or food handling is preferred.                                                                                

Contact us via email listing your interests, qualifications, and previous experience. 


HighCross Farm - CSA Potluck and Farm Tour


Click here to download

the HighCross Farm CSA 2015 


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Click here to visit the HighCross Farm Listing at LocalHarvest.org

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